Five Element Acupuncture, a path to better health

Acupuncture - a path to better health

Acupuncture style

Five Element acupuncture is a gentle yet powerful method of treatment that can support you with a wide variety of health conditions.
The focus of Five Element acupuncture is on the patient as an individual and not just their specific symptoms or illness.
It aims to assist the patient regaining overall balance that enables the natural healing process of the body to function optimally.
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Quality of treatment

I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council, the leading regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture in the UK.
All practitioner members are insured, fully qualified and observe strict codes of Professional Conduct and Safe Practice.

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and the regulatory bodies associated with my practice of acupuncture.

Chichester (West Sussex)
and Bramley (Surrey)

The Chichester Clinic is a multi-disciplinary health clinic on Westgate. Easily accessible on foot or by car.
Ample free parking is available at the clinic.

Tanglewood Clinic is a purpose-built clinic located on the grounds of Tanglewood Farm.  It is situated on a quiet lane between Bramley and Shalford, just 3 miles south of Guildford, Surrey.

Free parking is available at both clinics, making your visit a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Coming to the clinic during the pandemic

The clinic remains open during the pandemic.
Procedures are in place to keep you safe.

In the past, five element acupuncture has always supported my health and wellbeing as well as helping me to manage migraine. More recently, I was diagnosed with Graves disease. Regular acupuncture treatments have helped reduce the main symptoms of an overactive thyroid caused by this health condition. Now that I no longer take prescribed thyroid medication, I am so happy that I have Fabienne's treatments to keep my thyroid in balance and to maintain a healthy mind and body.
I had gone to Fabienne initially for help with longstanding tiredness. But during the detailing of my physical and emotional history at the first consultation, out came my need, without me expecting it to, for not just physical treatment but also with difficult feelings and recurring memories that I was still holding on to from years and years ago. The peace of the room and Fabienne`s patience, calmness and kindness helped me feel cared for and safe enough to be able to reveal some of the things I'd felt uneasy to speak of for a long time.
Fabienne’s quiet and gentle presence instilled confidence in me from the start. She informed me of exactly what she was doing. My symptoms (back pain) started to disappear within a few days. She is professional yet empathetic. She has good communication skills and a gentle sense of humour. I am now sleeping better without pain.
I have recently had a number of treatments with Fabienne and have been struck by how good I've felt afterwards. I feel that my energy has been stirred up in a positive way.
It's nice to see that she is continuing the tradition of Five Element acupuncture, as this style seems to touch my core being and helps me manage my day-to-day wellbeing more easily.
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