Keeping the clinic Covid-safe

During the pandemic, several measures in accordance with governmental guidelines and that of the British Acupuncture Council are in place.
First of all, your level of clinical vulnerability regarding Covid-19 is considered.  All patients can receive treatment unless they are being asked to stay at home.
On the day before attending the clinic, patients are required to answer a short Covid-19 screening questionnaire. Patients who present relevant symptoms and who do not have a recent negative PCR test are asked to not come to the clinic in order to prevent potential risk of contamination.  All attendees are required to wear a mask whilst in the clinic and are asked to wash their hands on arrival.
The surfaces of the clinic are disinfected at the beginning of the day and after each patient.  I am wearing  a mask at all time indoors and a single-use disposable apron when I am treating you.  I wash my hands at the beginning of each treatment and alcoholic gel is used during treatment time.
If you have any concerns, or if you would like to ask me any questions related to safety aspects in the clinic, please feel free to contact me to discuss it.

 Coming to Tanglewood Clinic

The clinic is on the ground of Tanglewood Farm, between Shalford and Bramley, on Chinthurst Lane.
Accurate directions are provided in preparation of your first visit.
Parking space is available at the clinic and is free.
The clinic is at ground floor level and therefore has easy access.

What is traditional acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a complementary approach to health where fine needles are used to stimulate specific points located on channels that run along the body in order to support our natural healing processes.

The good function of the body, the mind and the emotions are regarded as interdependent in traditional Chinese medicine.  When life gets in the way, the fine balance existing between these three levels of health can be disturbed and symptoms arise.  Similarly, imbalance will make it harder to recover from illness or injury.  Acupuncture aims at supporting the balance of our overall system to help recovering and maintaining health.

 How can it help me?

Some people come to acupuncture to get help with specific known health conditions and symptoms, others because they do not feel well but nothing wrong was found with them by mainstream medicine.  Some people use acupuncture as a proactive means to maintain their health, a bit as one takes a car for a regular service.

The holistic treatment approach of traditional acupuncture focuses on the person as a whole and on the root cause of your conditions as well as your main symptoms.

Treating only symptoms often consists in hiding or suppressing them, and whilst the underlying root cause of imbalance remains, the individual will be subject to the symptoms flaring up again or moving deeper into their system.  This is why understanding the fundamental make-up of a patient and treating existing imbalances is the main focus of traditional acupuncture.

The body has a natural ability to heal itself.  When imbalances are too strong, it loses its optimum healing functions and illness can become chronic.  Acupuncture treatment aims to assist the body to regain its natural ability for maintaining balance and therefore a good level of health. 

 Is it for me?

Acupuncture can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.  My practice focuses on patients from teenage years to older age.

Acupuncture can provide you with support for issues at the physical, mental or emotional levels.  Examples of conditions some of my patients received support with included anxiety, headaches, osteoarthritis of the knee, thyroid or other hormonal issues, reflux, depression, feeling disconnected, menopausal symptoms, to name a few.  Patients suffering from long Covid have experienced some relief from debilitating symptoms.  If in doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss what you would like to address.

How many treatments will I need?

Initial treatment is carried out, if possible, on a weekly basis for 4 to 6 sessions, depending on the complexity of your overall condition. By this time, noticeable changes should be experienced.
Following this, some patients might need a few additional treatments that can be more spaced in time, in order to consolidate their recovered balance.
When your condition is stable, maintenance treatments, taken at 1 to 3 month-intervals, can help you keeping your system function optimally and helps counteract the effects of what life throws at us.

 Is it safe?

Surveys conducted in the UK concluded that when practiced by properly trained qualified traditional acupuncturists such as British Acupuncture Council members, the risk of serious adverse events from acupuncture is extremely low.

The use of single-packed sterile disposable needles, of a clean field environment and of safe needle handling practice prevents any risk of cross-contamination.

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